Every Stage of a Night Out at University

You are only at University once – but the chances are that you will enjoy more than one night out during your stay. Yet despite the numerous night’s out, they will all follow a similar pattern. In this article, we take a look at the fourteen stages of a night out at University – from the original plans to the regret the next day… we’ve got it covered! Read on for more!

1. The Build-Up


While the general University week is full of boring lectures, seminars and team meetings, you can at least look forward to the night out. In the days approaching the night out, your WhatsApp group chat will be lighting up your phone non-stop, as the gang look forward to the night out.


2. Getting Ready


While we could write an entire article on the stages of getting ready, we will keep this short. You sort your appearance out, put on your finest clothes, and generally make yourself presentable…


3. Pre-Drinks


Next up is pre-drinks, where you and your friends meet up. The price of drinks in clubs mean that drinking before hand is a good idea. At pre-drinks, all the usual things take place – drinking games, plenty of obligatory pictures, and general fun.




4. The Arrival of the Taxi


The fun of pre-drinks is cut short by a certain phone call, or, more commonly – a deafening horn from outside. Suddenly chaos ensues as everyone gets ready to go, trying to stay calm, before leaving in drips and drabs to make it into the taxi.


5. Queing


Once the taxi driver has bid you farewell, you join the queue to get into the club. This is arguably the worst part of the evening, as you put up with sub-zero temperatures, and the inevitable comments from the ‘lads’ who urge people to ‘just walk in’…


6. First Drink

Riverdale-2-via netflix

You do eventually get into the club. Next up on the agenda for the squad is getting a drink. Yet you see that the queuing continues once inside, and that it takes around twenty minutes to actually get your hands on the drink.




7. Dancing


Once the early admin is out the way, you can officially let your hair down. The squad hits the dancefloor, and before you know it, the night out is in full swing, with everyone enjoying themselves.


8. Shots


Yet eventually the fun will be cut short, as someone decides it is time to do some shots. As you sink the tequila, you wonder just why…


9. Calling or Texting your Ex


With the alcohol fully in your system, for some reason you decide it would be in your best interest to message your ex, or a potential love interest. It isn’t something that sober-you would ever do, but hey, why not – you only live once… so says drunk you.


10. Time Vanishes


Next up, the night seems to go past in a flurry. Perhaps you see other friends, get another drink, or hang out on the dancefloor again. Either way, the night seems to fly by, and soon enough, your time at the club will end.




11. Leaving the Club

Eventually the club will kill the music, and it is time to leave. You and your friends will have reunited, and stumble out of the club.


12. Food


The journey home will always include a customary stop off for food. McDonald’s is always a place worth visiting, or there is always the dodgy store in an even dodgier street that offer a burger including some strange meat. Either way, food is bought.


13. The After Party

You eventually make your way back home, or back to a friend’s house. Here, for those who still have energy, the after party begins. The after party can include anything – from further drinks, to further eating, to deep and meaningful conversations.




14. The Morning After…


Finally, the night out will end, and later on that day you’ll wake up, in a state of distress, and wonder why you put your body through such a night. But still, within a few days, plans will be made for the next night out, and so this fun cycle begins again.





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