Why is Ainsley Harriott Appearing on Road Safety Signs in Bournemouth?!


Students waking up to see the iconic face of Ainsley Harriott appearing on road signs throughout the city of Bournemouth would be forgiven for thinking they were in some sort of strange dream. Yet this strange occurance has turned into a reality, with the Dorset city’s road signs being taken over by Ainsley Harriott – famous for his cooking shows, bizarre quotes, and over-exuberant facial expressions – all reasons that we love him. Read on for more, including the reason behind his appearance.


It turns out that the appearance of Ainsley Harriott on road safety signs isn’t to do with a dramatic new strategy from Dorset County Council, or Bournemouth University for that matter.


Instead, the work has been done by a prankster, who has added Ainsley’s face to several road safety signs. The safety signs have only recently been erected in a bid to urge drivers to keep a safe distance from cyclists.




Harriott is well known for partaking and hosting a range of food shows, most famously Ready Steady Cook! The TV personality is a favourite among the British public.




The fun won’t be lasting long, with Bournemouth Council set to take the face of Harriott off the signs, as great as they are.




This is the latest strange happening for cyclists in the area, who just a few months ago complained that a new cycle lane led them to an inevitable collision with a lamp post. The fun never stops in Bournemouth.





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