Zumba Instructors Tell All… From the Good to the Bad

Zumba is an activity that has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Many have benefited from this, and some Zumba instructors are able to make a full-time living out of the high-energy activity. And like any other job, the Zumba instructors have a wealth of both weird and wonderful experiences to talk about. Now, some Zumba instructors have taken to the popular confessions app Whisper to tell all regarding what goes on in their classes – the mix of events is startling! Read on for more!


The Zumba activity has grown in popularity significantly in recent times

We start with the positives. A common theme was how rewarding people felt being a Zumba instructor was. One mentioned they liked to see the progress of their class participants. Another mentioned how they had lost 100 pounds in weight – an impressive feat – thanks to being an instructor. Others spoke about how happy they were to be doing something they love, with another saying their parents support was key in their decision to become an instructor. Saving the best until last – one person told how they could have copious amounts of pizza without guilt thanks to their fitness-oriented job!




However, not everything is rosy in the life of a Zumba instructor. For all of the positives, there were several negatives. Weight issues were prevalent in the discussion. It appears that most people expect Zumba instructors to be thin, but some mentioned that they were overweight – and that some were surprised to see their body. Another felt they were burning out as a result of all of their teaching – just wanting to have one class where no one showed up – sounds like they need to take a night off!


One confessor stated that she was sickened that men thought that she would do dirty stuff with them because she was a Zumba instructor – get with the times! Another noted how the job didn’t tend to pay the bills – as there was’t enough interest. It can be difficult when effort you put in doesn’t result in anything positive. Sweat of course is an issue for anyone working in this industry too – as was noted by a confessor! Finishing on a lighter note – one confessor stated she could no longer visit anyone else’s Zumba class – as it simply wouldn’t compare!


A range of experiences!




So there we have it – multiple confessions that show what life as a Zumba instructor is really like. So if you ever take part in a Zumba class – remember this article! As we have seen, there are clearly good and bad elements of life for Zumba instructors. There are certainly some feel good-stories here, which hopefully, have just about outweighed the negatives! To see the full article, including additional confessions, click here.





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