‘Vile’ Antisemitic Posters Found at Bournemouth University



‘Vile’ antisemitic posters have been found on the University campus of Bournemouth University. The posters, which appeared as stickers, were found on toilet cubicle doors in Poole House, which is on Bournemouth University’s Talbot Campus. The University has subsequently been urged to launch an investigation into the posters, which can be seen below, via the Twitter account of the Pinkser Centre. The posters have been a source of disgust and distress for many on the campus. Read on for the full story.




As seen above, the posters feature a range of images. One depicts the Star of David placed atop the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 – commonly known as 9/11. The posters appear to be linked to Nazi-style conspiracy theories, and is clearly an attempt to provoke the Jewish community at the institution. What is very worrying is that these posters hardly seem to be the work of a quick ten-minute Paint creation. Instead, they look as if they have been specifically designed over time.




The President of the Jewish Society at Bournemouth University – Joseph Serfaty, suggested the aim of the posters was to ‘intimidate and antagonise’ Jewish students. Serfaty, upon seeing the posters, reported the antisemitic incident. Serfaty has called on the University to investigate the posters, while other organisations such as the Students’ Union of Bournemouth University and the charity Community Security Trust have been notified of the incident. The charity aim to protect Jewish students in the United Kingdom.


The incident took place at Bournemouth University


Commenting, Serfaty suggested the posters were ‘expressing the view that Jewish people are controlling all the atrocious things that go on in the world’. He also suggested these incidents were far from rare, using the detailed protocol that is in place for these events as evidence that these incidents happen regularly. The President of Bournemouth’s Students’ Union will meet Serfaty this week, and condemned the ‘disgusting stickers’, before reiterating that the Union will continue to ‘fight against antisemitism’.




The stickers were swiftly taken down, and it appears that the University will soon be launching an investigation into the event. This was clearly an antisemitic event that had the potential to cause distress for Jewish students at the University.





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