UniEel Experiencing: Kiribati

Kiribati is a country located in Australasia. The nation consists of 32 islands, the largest of which (and most heavily populated) is Tarawa. Kiribati is known for its stunning range of beaches, uninhabited islands and rich architecture. Kiribati consists of islands and therefore shares no physical borders, only maritime borders. Kiribati enjoys a warm climate – with the months of April to October particularly pleasant. However from November to March, inclement weather can affect the nation, with cyclones sometimes occurring. The population of the nation is approximately 110,000. There is a lot to see and do in the country. Overall, Kiribati is a nation well worth visiting, helping to form this edition of UniEel Experiencing’.





Nation: Kiribati
Continent: Australasia
Capital: Tarawa
Land Mass: 313 square miles
Population: 110,000
Religion: Roman Catholic Church
Language: English
Currency: Kiribati Dollar


Kiribati has an interesting history, with the earliest traces of life on modern-day Kiribati dating back thousands of years. Its position on popular sailing routes led to many new residents in the area. Around the 19th Century, Kiribati became part of the British Empire. However, by the Second World War, the nation had been occupied by Japan. In 1943, the US eventually defeated Japan in a bloody marine battle, also known as the Battle of Tarawa. Further military action would continue in the area – usually in the form of bomb tests. Kiribati declared independence in July of 1979. In more recent times, there have been concerns over over-crowding on some of the islands in Kiribati. In 1999, Kiribati joined the United Nations. In the last few years, there have been some calls for Kiribati to be evacuated due to the effects of climate change, with the belief that some islands could sink into the Pacific.


Things to Do and See:

Kiribati is a small country, with many of its 32 islands uninhabited. The majority of things to do comprise around seeing the various lagoons and oceans. The most popular lagoons to visit are Tabuaeran, Betio and Abaiang. Surfing and sailing are popular, especially due to the fact that waves can be very powerful in the area. The country is particularly popular between the months of March and October, when the weather makes the various beaches a very popular place. There are countless beaches to visit – they are renowned for their picturesque and luscious views. Birdwatching is another popular activity, with the nation having many obscure and wild birds frequenting its shores. The capital, South Tarawa, is very densely-populated and is the most built-up area. This island also features some remnants of the battles fought on the island from World War Two, and is therefore an interesting history point too! With predictions suggesting Kiribati will be underwater within 100 years, it is recommended to visit the nation soon!



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Kiribati is a nation well worth visiting. As shown in this article, Kiribati certainly is an interesting country that offers a lot to its visitors. This short guide should provide you with key information regarding Kiribati, complete with ideas of things to do. Look out for more countries being analysed in our ‘Experiencing’ series. For more information on Kiribati, consult the UK’s Travel Advice for Kiribati at this link. Happy travelling!




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