The 13 Most Annoying Flatmate Habits

Sharing a house or flat is an inevitable part of life, and normally forms an integral part of the University experience. We have already covered the trials and tribulations of a student house – including the different types of people you’ll encounter – and tips on how to survive a house share. But now, we are set to take a look at the most annoying habits of flatmates. Prepare to reminisce, cringe, and shake your head as you wonder how you once put up with those terrible flatmates…

1. Dirty Dishes


First up we have dirty dishes – why is it some people can’t do the simple task of cleaning up after themselves? The dishes just sit on the side, not only taking up valuable space, but also attracting a colony of ants, flies and just about anything else… apart from the person who left them there. You consider doing the dishes – but what message does that send out?!


2. Not Turning Out Lights…


Another annoying habit is leaving lights on. Granted, when you are in a room, turn on a light – that’s what they are there for. But then as you depart said room, is it really that much to ask just to flick the light switch? Apparently for some people, it is. You’d think electricity is going out of fashion… Instead, it is just your bank account that is affected.


3. Shrieking on the Phone


So after a hard day of work, you settle down. But in the background, all you can here is that ongoing drone – the voice of a flatmate shrieking down the phone to their friend. It seems that the entire town needs to hear their plans for the evening…




4. Letting the Bins Stack Up


Bins are a big issue at a shared house. No one wants to take them outside. Yet this doesn’t excuse the fact that some people decide to stack rubbish on top of each of more rubbish – before you know it your kitchen resembles the local landfill site. Is it really that difficult to take one for the team?


5. Taking Food and Drink

One slice of bread here, a drop of milk there… harmless they say. But as the rightful owner of goods you tirelessly brought back from afar, seeing your food and drink dwindling by the day isn’t harmless.


6. Not Removing Hair from the Plug Hole


Sharing a bathroom and the associated habits could have its own article. We centre on the fact that some people choose not to remove their hair from the plug hole – we won’t even go into detail, just yuck.




7. Playing their TV Shows Too Loud


Yes, like the phone call – it seems as if the entire street needs to listen along to the latest episode of Riverdale, or the everlasting quest to watch all of the Friends episodes. You sit there, trying to work, but the ongoing sound of Archie and Veronica having a lover’s tiff puts you off.


8. Overdoing the Heating


Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to how much heating is enough. The fact you are paying for heating doesn’t seem to reasonate with some people. They happily keep the heating on hour after hour – doing their best to help the flat resemble the gates to hell. Then they have the audacity to moan when someone opens a window to get some fresh air.


9. Not Removing Out of Date Food from the Fridge

You know you’ve seen just about everything when you see a build up of fungi in your fridge. Yet some people simply can’t muster the power to move a gone off vegetable from the fridge to the bin. Again, flies will be attracted.




10. Leaving the Toilet Seat Up


We return to the bathroom for the tenth part of this long rant. For females, the toilet seat is a bone of contention. Perhaps this is proof that a male and female combination simply doesn’t work for house shares.


11. Long Showers

Once in a while a long shower can be blissful. However, some people overdo it – and act innocent when the bill for the month is huge. You are a collective group – where is the fairness and equality we yearn for?!


12. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Moving In


This is one of the ultimate bug bears. When you agree who to live with – you don’t take into account their boyfriend or girlfriend too. Yet a few weeks into your occupancy, and it doesn’t take you long to realise that the ‘temporary’ stay of a boyfriend or girlfriend is anything but temporary. Logic would suggest that the bills are split up equally – but when the bill for the month appears, funnily enough the boyfriend or girlfriend has left the premises… only to return a few days later.




13. Stumbling in Early in the Morning


This diatribe finishes with another annoyance. When you have decided to have an early night, it is annoying to wake up at stupid o’clock in the morning to the sound of your flatmates stumbling home after a night out. Why they have to shout instead of talk normally is one of life’s great mysteries. Well, there we have it, just some of the many, many annoying habits of so many flatmates. No one’s perfect, but anyone reading this will know about these habits, and how destructive they can be. Thanks for reading!





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