10 Reasons To Study at UEA


The University of East Anglia (UEA) is an amazing institution. The University has many great things about it, and offers its students a great experience. In this article, we pick out ten reasons to study at the University!


UEA is an amazing place to study!

1. Student Community

The University features an incredible 16,000 students – from a diverse range of backgrounds. Both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students are present on campus! Together, an incredible culture is created – you’ll be proud to be a student at UEA!


2. Nightlife


If the nightlife is something you are interested in – then UEA is perfect for you! The legendary LCR hosts dozens of events and gigs, and has even hosted some of the most famous names in music – including a certain Ed Sheeran! Away from the campus, there are a slew of clubs, pubs and restaurants in the local area, making it a great place to both study and wind down!


3. The Campus

The campus at UEA is simply breathtaking! There are some amazing views, and everything you could possibly need is in one place. There are places to socialise, eat, relax or study. The beauty of the campus makes those early starts and the exam period slightly more bearable!




4. The Beauty

East Anglia itself is a region that is renowned for its natural beauty! There are beaches, lakes and rivers – all of which look tranquil. Studying in such a nice area is great. The Norfolk Broads are reachable from campus, while Eaton Park is a favourite among students – with it offering ample green space to relax.


5. Sport


UEA offers a great range of sporting activities. Some of the finest sporting facilities in the United Kingdom can be found at the purpose-built SportsPark. SportsPark hosts many sporting activities. There is also ample opportunity for people to try out different sports.


6. Teaching

Ultimately, you are at University to learn, and UEA consistently receives acclaim for teaching standards. The University certainly has a well-deserved reputation for teaching excellence. Having teaching staff that actually care about your subject will be of paramount importance to your development in your chosen field.




7. Entertainment


UEA offers many activities to enjoy. But when you want to branch out of campus, the local area features a lot. A range of shops, an IMAX cinema, two nationally recognised theatres and various galleries are all located in the close vicinity of campus.


8. Societies

There are over 60 clubs and societies, meaning there is so much to do. Whatever your interest, there should be a society to cover it! If not, why not make your own! Societies offer a great chance too to make friends – even better!


9. Graduate Prospects


UEA is renowned for graduate prospects – which means you should be in good hands for whatever comes after University. Having a degree from such a well-regarded University will be very helpful for when it comes to applying for a graduate job!




10. Friends


University is normally a place to make friends – and hopefully some friends for life! In any case, the entire UEA community is like a family! Why not join the community and come and study at UEA?!





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