People Reveal The Purchases That Caused Fights in Relationships

Money is so often the source of any argument in a relationship. Even the happiest of couples can come under strain when money rears its head. And yet money does help – such as when it is time to buy a gift – Birthday’s, Christmas, or just something to attempt to get back into your other half’s good books! But as some couples have found out to their detriment, buying a gift isn’t always a good thing. Now, some people have taken to the popular confessions app Whisper to confess some of the purchases that they have made that have caused fights in relationships – some to the extent where the relationship ended!


Purchases don’t always prove popular!

Sometimes a purchase can lead to an inevitable fight. This was certainly the case when one man bought his ex some flowers – of course in the process annoying his current girlfriend. The value of purchases have also been a sticking point – with one girlfriend annoyed because her partner spent $40 on a pillow! Another suggested that a $20 Christmas tree purchase was ill advised – positing that the money ‘could’ve been used in better places’. However the man felt this was hypocritical – as she had spent $3,000 on cosmetic procedures!




But annoyance over purchases isn’t just limited to girlfriends. One boyfriend got annoyed at his girlfriend because she purchased a Jon Snow poster – it appears he was jealous. Going back to Christmas, one boyfriend was insulted that his girlfriend got him a cleanser – mixed emotions on that one! One of the more extreme arguments emanated from a woman buying lingerie. Incredibly, the boyfriend accused her of being a stripper. This is a rather extreme reaction – one that probably wouldn’t be shared by many men, but still, to each their own.


The old chivalry argument reared its ugly head for one couple. As couples do, one duo went for dinner. Yet the boyfriend became annoyed as the girlfriend paid the full bill. He was annoyed to the extent of bearing a grudge for a few days. We want equality! The woman suggested she didn’t want nor need him to pay for everything, before accusing his boyfriend of still being in the 1950s! Unfortunately, we are unable to know what fate befell of this couple – perhaps the argument is roaring on to this day.


Christmas is a bad time to fall out over purchases!


Arguments sometimes resulted in break-ups. One girlfriend broke up with her boyfriend because he bought the wrong pizza – something which brings new meaning to the term ‘hangry’. Another hilarious argument broke out over a boyfriend purchasing a PlayStation4, but he managed to win back his girlfriend’s love by showering her with gifts – 2 dozen roses, a 6 pack of cupcakes and chocolate strawberries. Finally, a boyfriend left his girlfriend because she bought a dog. You can’t help but feel the girlfriend got the best deal out of that.




You would be forgiven for wanting to lead a solitary and sheltered life upon reading this article. From Christmas trees to Christmas gifts to a poster, there has been no shortage of purchases causing fights. Sometimes, as the man who bought the PlayStation4 proved – the only way of getting a relationship back on track after an argument is countless gifts! But still, relationships can become all the more strong following an argument, or in extreme cases, said argument brings an end to the relationship. Why not just stay single?!




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