How To Add Google Drive to Microsoft Office or My Documents on Windows 10


While Windows 10 has improved considerably when compared to its predecessor – the much maligned Windows 8 – there are still some areas that haven’t been improved upon. One of these areas is the lack of built-in compatability with Google Drive. When using the Microsoft Office suite, you are implored to use the OneDrive – and you can’t save directly to the Google Drive. Instead, you need to copy each document over to your Google Drive folder via a web browser. This becomes a chore. Fortunately, in this article we show you how to circumvent these problems – allowing Google Drive to be accessed easily on Windows 10!




Google Drive and Microsoft Office
It is possible for Google Drive to appear as a location to save when using Microsoft Office. This has the potential to be hugely useful. This is a plug-in from Google. When activated, you will be able to open your Google Drive documents straight to office, and save them. Even better, a ‘Google Drive’ tab will also appear on the top ribbon. The plug-in was specifically made for Microsoft Office, and works very well! Click here to access the plug-in download page.


This method should suffice for the majority of users. However, for something a little bit more, scroll down and see a second offering from Google – involving automatic syncing between your PC and the Drive.


You’ll soon be able to use Google Drive easily with Windows!


Google Backup and Sync Tool
First up, you should download the Google Backup and Sync tool – available at this link. This one tool will allow you to control all of your Google files, videos and photos all in one place. You will select which folders on your computer you want to sync automatically with Google. This will mean that when you save a document on Word to your personal document space, it will subsequently backup to your Drive too.

As suggested, click the link above and you can download the tool. It should download quickly. It will then be a case of logging in to your Google Drive, and it should be pretty self-explanatory from there! You will get some options as to which folders to sync and which not to. Set the tool up to your preference.





By using these tools, you should be in a good position to utilise Google Drive on your Windows device.



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