13 Things That Will Inevitably Happen During Freshers Week

Freshers Week is often renowned as being the most memorable week of your life. While this may be true in some cases, the reality is that you probably won’t remember much of it. Your University experience wouldn’t be the same without the initiation of Freshers Week. So, in this article we take a look at thirteen things that will certainly happen during Freshers Week!


No. 1: You Will Meet New Friends


Once you make it to University and meet your flatmates, you will immediately be thrust into the University experience. Just be prepared for your parents to inevitably embarrass you, as well as needing to come up with small talk.


No. 2: You Will Have an Emotional Goodbye With Your Parents


After years of protection, it is time to step away. But it won’t be easy to say goodbye…


No. 3: You Will Have a Sudden Realisation of How Alone You Are


And it will make you feel strange… But, with so much to do, you quickly move on!



No. 4: You Will Meet Hundreds of New People


During the week, it is highly likely you will be introduced to hundreds of people. You’ll meet them out and about in town, on campus, at random welcome events and in your hall. Yet despite meeting so many people, you will remember very few names.


No. 5: You Will Get Lost During a Night Out


In your new surroundings, it is easy to get lost. Getting lost on a night out is a common experience, it happens to most! Fire up the Messenger app to send an SOS!


No. 6: You Will Sign Up to Everything at the Freshers Fair


For weeks you have been told in pre-arrival emails to join as many societies as you can. When you reach the freshers fair, you take this advice a little too literally. You find yourself signing up for countless societies. Ultimate frisbee – you’ve never played it and have little idea of what it is, but hey, why not?!




No. 7: You Will Hear About Gap Years


An inevitable part of freshers week is hearing from people who went on a gap year to ‘find themselves’ prior to University. Sitting back and being forced to listen to their extravagant experience is inevitable.


No. 8: You Will Witness a Kitchen Disaster


It is also inevitable that with a group of people starting to cook day after day for the first time, that there will be some sort of accident or disaster in the kitchen. Who knew pasta could cause so much chaos?!


No. 9: You Will Receive Frantic Messages from your Parents


You will find your phone being bombarded with messages from your family. Don’t you dare go more than two hours without replying, otherwise you’ll find a search party has been scrambled to locate you.



No. 10: You Will Feel the Immense Joy of Receiving a Student Loan

grey metal case of hundred dollar bills
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There are few feelings like it. Just go steady on your outgoings!


No. 11: Pizza


Does any student not have pizza during freshers week? Getting a takeaway pizza is a great way of bonding as a flat!


No. 12: You Will Struggle With Freshers Flu


We won’t go into the Science behind it, but the statistics suggest you will come down with what is affectionately known as ‘freshers flu’. A painful experience, but something that is seen as a rite of passage.




No. 13: But… You Will Eventually Find Your Feet

sunset hands love woman
Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com

By the end of the week you will have settled in to your new surroundings, made new friends and be ready for whatever comes next. And above all, you’ll want to do freshers week all over again!





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