The Struggles of Freshers Flu

Freshers Week may give you the time of your life, but the chances are that you will often come down with a case of the notorious ‘freshers flu’. Common symptoms of the freshers flu include fever, headaches, a cough, a cold and in general, struggle. While many suggest freshers flu is merely a severe case of ‘man flu’ or ‘just a bad cold’, the reality is very, very different. For this article, we have scoured Twitter to see different reactions to Freshers Flu – and see first-hand the effect it has on students.


The Realisation

It isn’t easy to begin with.



Nicely summarized…


Reviewing the Cause

Was it down to mixing with thousands of new people? Or perhaps alcohol…


Never Doubt its Power…

The legend goes on.



Send Help…

Any advice?


It Can Affect Anyone…

Regardless of the year of study you are in.


Veteran Talk…

Even the veterans of University can contract the dreaded freshers flu!



One of those things you always think you should do, but never do.




At Death’s Door

Freshers Flu can be seen as the beginning of the end.


Volume 2…

This Tweet shows the above sentiments are echoed elsewhere.


Philosophical, Yet True…

One user speaks very wisely.




Happy Anniversary…

20 years in a row? Bad fortune!




We’ve All Been There… Stay Strong!

Eventually you’ll be okay!





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