10 Memes About Printers We Can All Relate To

In an age where technology is rampant, it beggars belief that we often still have to print assignments off. And what causes even more questions is the fact that printers seem to choose when they want to work. It is when we need them most, that they often fail us. So, for anyone who has been in a position of depending on a printer, only to be let down – then this article is for you. Here, we have ten memes about printers, that many can relate to!


Starting with a graph…


A pie chart is always a great place to start. As it correctly shows, when a printer chooses not to fulfil its duty, it is rarely for an actual reason, other than the fact the printer just doesn’t like you.



We’ve All Been There…


We all ask printers this on a regular basis. It is easy to get angry when asking too – just why won’t it print?!



When Life Doesn’t Make Sense…


The classic – you apparently need at least some ink of every colour under the sun to be able to print anything.




Questions, Questions…


A paper jam is another issue that is common. But then you are faced with a difficult decision – either you try and fix the paper jam but risk the printer spontaneously combusting, or leave the jam and just hope the printer is having a slow day.



Never Trust Anyone… Printer Included


An important life lesson – just don’t trust anyone. Certainly not a printer.




Never Rely on a Printer as the Deadline nears…


There is nothing worse than relying on a printer with just minutes to go before a deadline. As the meme above suggests – printers seemingly have a knack for smelling fear.


Just Why? No words needed!





The Joys of Wireless Printing…


But sometimes there is a fun side to printers – such as the joy of discovering a vulnerable wireless printer in your vicinity!


An Annoying Business Model…


You buy the printer cheap, think you have secured a bargain, yet then need to spend your life savings just to be able to use the darn thing.



And Finally… Take that!


There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of outsmarting someone.





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