Plymouth University Conservative Group Suspended After T-Shirt Controversy


Plymouth University’s Conservative Society has been suspended after an embarrassing and hate-filled photo emerged of members. The photo purportedly shows members wearing T-shirts plastered with racist and anti-Semitic messages. The tweet below appears to sum up the general reaction pretty well.


The picture was taken at the Switch Nightclub in Plymouth. As you can see, the group are wearing blue T-shirts, with black marker pen scrawled on them. The group have been criticised for several reasons. One appears to have an Adolf Hitler-style moustache drawn on his lip. Others have a Star of David symbol drawn on their necks. One embarrassingly has ‘F*** the NHS’ scribbled on his T-shirt. Enoch Powell, Donald Trump, Tony Blair and Soviet Russia are among the topics that form the basis of other messages. Perhaps worst of all, it has been suggested one person is adopting a ‘White Power’ pose.




The picture has been circulating around the Plymouth University campus, where it has annoyed many, as seen by the reaction below.


It doesn’t appear that the Conservative Party are too impressed either. Conservative MP for Plymouth Johnny Mercer commented on the photo, as seen below.




In reaction, the Plymouth Students’ Union ‘totally condemned’ the behaviour, while the University of Plymouth stated it ‘does not tolerate anti-Semitic or racist behaviour under any circumstance’, before vowing to take disciplinary action. The whole episode is shameful, and is very, very disappointing to see.





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