The 9 Stages of a Regrettable Outfit Choice… As Told By Tracy Beaker

Choosing an outfit for any event can be difficult. So much choice, yet nothing quite feels right. You lie on your bed with a huge wardrobe bulging with clothes in front of you, but nothing works. There is considerable pressure involved with choosing an outfit, as our good friend Tracy Beaker knows only too well. So here, in this article, we show the different stages involved in a regrettable outfit choice – with Tracy Beaker – as always – the star of the show. Enjoy!


1. The Planning


It all begins with the planning of your outfit. You carefully select your outfit, before eyeing up whatever lipstick you want to plaster yourself with. After all of the admin is out of the way, you’re ready!


2. The Big Reveal


You’re trying to impress everyone with your look, and you want to ensure all eyes are on you. So out you jump, revealing yourself to the room.




3. Realising No One Likes Your Look


But you quickly realise that no one likes your look. All that effort for nothing.


4. Trying to Block Out the Haters… But Anger kicks in


You just stand there awkwardly for some time. At first, with everyone unimpressed at your choice, you try and block out the haters. But eventually anger gets the better of you, and a hasty retreat to your room follows.




5. The Disappointment When a Friend Checks on You


That one loyal friend soon comes to check on you, but as you are still raging, they bear the brunt of your anger.



6. When the Friend Tries to Comfort You


The friend tries to comfort you, and tell you it is all going to be okay. But you see right through them – they just feel sorry for you.




7. Lashing Out…


And so you take your anger out on them. After all, they are the loser, not you!



8. Food to the Rescue


The friend soon leaves you alone with your thoughts, but as you gather and compose yourself, you realise the friend provided a true gift – food. Suddenly your mood is better, and perhaps the night-out can be rescued.




9. Saying Goodbye to your worries like…


So you wave goodbye to your worries happily, and prepare for the night ahead. The moral of the story – food is great! If you liked this Beaker-themed articles, check out two more below!






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