The Student Guide to Amazon


Amazon has started to dominate many facets of our day-to-day lives. No longer is it simply an online store, now they have moved into other areas – such as music, TV, cloud storage and more. In an age where students are having to deal with record-high tuition fees and living costs, saving money wherever possible is crucial. One way you can get the maximum for your money is Amazon. In this guide, we look at some of the ways you can utilise Amazon to its full potential!




Track the Price Drops
The prices of goods on Amazon fluctuate regularly. Some items will change price daily – owing to a complex algorithm Amazon operate. While often prices will rise, other times, they can lower. There are some great browser extensions which will track any products you request, as well as notifying you when they lower. Camelizer has great reviews and would be a sound choice. By price tracking, over the course of several years, you can easily save considerable money!


Warehouse Deals
The Amazon warehouse is an excellent location to find a bargain. This section of the website deals with returned items, or items that have slight damage to them. Amazon have rigorous standards for items they sell, and therefore the slightest damage to an item will see it sent to the warehouse. Often these items will have very little wrong with them. It is well worth checking, especially for electronics! See the Amazon Warehouse here.


Subscribe & Save


Amazon’s great ‘subscribe & save’ option is available on countless items. This is best for items you regularly use – e.g. toiletries, cosmetics etc. The premise is simple – instead of buying an item once a month at a normal price, you make a subscription, which will end up saving you money in the long-term. For areas like shower gel, this can end up saving you a lot!


Amazon Prime
The best thing about Amazon Prime is all of the things that are included within your subscription! The free one-day delivery is great – and hugely helpful when you need something quickly. But aside from this, you get access to Prime Music – which can potentially act as a replacement for Spotify. You’ll also get access to Prime Video – which a could be a substitute for Netflix. What’s more, as a student, you can get Prime cheaper! You can get all the usual benefits, plus more (including a small discount on select textbooks!), for just £39.99 per year! Plus, you get a free six-month trial too! What isn’t there to like?!


Free Super-Saver Delivery
If Prime isn’t for you, then another great way to save money is through the free super-saver delivery option on Amazon. This is where you spend over £20.00 worth of eligible items – helping you to secure free delivery. For non-Prime members, delivery can quickly become expensive with Amazon. Yet by spending over £20.00, you can easily avoid this!


Get Something For Free?!
Another cool area with Amazon includes your delivery options. If you are ordering something that you won’t need immediately, you will get something in return. By selecting a ‘no-rush delivery’ option, you normally get £1 credit towards either the Prime Video service, Amazon Pantry, or Kindle store. This great benefit is all just for giving the folks down at Amazon’s depot a bit more time to source the item. In general, it arrives within three days anyway!


Amazon Marketplace


On several popular items, it is worth checking around for prices! On some products there will be multiple sellers, sometimes selling goods cheaper than Amazon. This is especially useful if you are a non-Prime member well below the £20.00 amount, as some sellers will offer free delivery. As we see in the option above, Amazon offers the second cheapest option, yet the first option will still be fulfilled by Amazon – meaning you still have all the same benefits. It is always worth checking the Amazon marketplace for more options!


Amazon Pantry


Amazon is offering a service to rival the likes of Sainsbury’s and Tesco. The Amazon pantry offers several items cheaper than its supermarket rivals. While Amazon may not have the breadth of items supermarkets have, it is still worth checking. For Prime members, Amazon often run offers which make Pantry purchases even better!




As this guide has shown, there are several benefits to using Amazon as a student. You can save a lot of money with these tips! In this day and age, Amazon is a great choice for anyone looking to make the most out of their money! Good luck using these various services!



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