9 Struggles of Supermarket Shopping as a Student

As you head to University, you will have to undertake the responsibility of supermarket shopping. Before University, a trip to a supermarket would usually be for snacks, as you sat back and let your parents do the work. Yet soon enough it is time to navigate the realms of the supermarket alone – and you quickly see what a scary world it is out there. In this article, we look at the struggles involved in shopping in a supermarket as a student.


1. Shopping on a Budget


Unless you are that one kid who gets an Ocado delivery to your halls, the chances are that you are operating on a shoestring budget. Therefore, it is a case of farewell branded goods, and hello value range. The inner part of you wants to pick up the branded product, but instead you begrudgingly take the value offering.


2. Trying to Eat Healthily


Cheese, meat, milk, heck even bread – all the essentials you need are actually quite expensive. It doesn’t help that sugary foods are actually pretty cheap – making it difficult to eat healthily, all the while keeping within budget.



3. Not Being Able to Walk Past Offers


Do you really need a fancy lamp for your bedroom? No. But, at £4.99, knocked down from £14.99, you have no choice. It is only later when you get back from the supermarket that you realise it is a total waste of money.




4. Shopping as a Group


One of those things that sounds good in theory, but is a nightmare in practice. You quickly lose one another, with all hell breaking loose as everyone goes off in their own direction. You all miss the rendezvous time and subsequently get different buses at home. Then when you get back, you realise communal goods like kitchen roll and soap have either been forgotten, or bought in bulk.



5. The Feeling of Putting Pasta in your basket AGAIN


As much as pasta is a useful dish, many students have an over-reliance on it. While variety would be nice, pasta is an essential part of your diet. You dream of the day you can bypass pasta, but unfortunately, that day isn’t now, so you reluctantly put it in your basket… once again.




6. Inevitably Buying Junk…


As a student, it is likely you’ll be hungry a lot of the time. But as you will find out, shopping while hungry isn’t a good combination. You find yourself buying just about anything laced with sugar, and going back to the start – any chance of adhering to your budget goes out of the window.


7. Forgetting to Bring Bags


10p every time you shop adds up over the year. Yet when you make it back to your flat, rest assured you will add your new two bags to the ever-growing bag full of bags. Maybe next time you’ll remember to bring it…




8. The Stress of Checkouts


As if surviving all of the other struggles is stressful enough, you must navigate the checkout. You either head to the angry-looking cashier, or go it alone on the self-checkout. Yet both produce annoying results. You either bear the brunt of a cashier’s anger, or end up with an unexpected item in the bagging area – despite there being nothing there.




9. Bagging your Items


You hastily put anything in any bag going, as you feel the eyes of the world on you. Others move forward to try and apply more pressure on you to get your things together. It isn’t easy…


Eventually though, you will master the art of supermarket shopping and overcome all of these struggles! Then, you will be set for life!





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