Lancaster Uni Shame: Students Wear Hate-Filled T-Shirts Mocking Child Murders & Sexual Abuse



Shocking pictures have emerged showing a group of Lancaster University students wearing offensive and hate-filled t-shirts. Among the messages on the shirts include referring to a school massacre as ‘bantz’, and support for Jimmy Saville – the infamous child abuser.


The students attend Lancaster University


A few weeks ago the University’s Snowsports Society organised a t-shirt social event. The event took place at the Lancaster Student’s Union nightclub ‘Sugarhouse’. Various pictures were taken during the night, with some ending up on the Facebook page of the Union.


As seen on the images below, some t-shirts included sickening messages and slogans on them. ‘Sandy Hook was bantz’ appears to be the most deplorable – referring to the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting in the United States, where 27 people were killed, many of whom were young children. How anyone could refer to an event like this as ‘bantz’, is beyond us.


The following images come courtesy of the Twitter account of ‘LeonShakaFraser‘.


Other messages include ‘Mandela touches kids’, ‘I like 12 year olds’, ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ and ‘I’ve got muscles cus dad raped me’. Swastikas were also drawn on some t-shirts.


One ‘person’ had a t-shirt which appeared to have the message saying ‘Jimmy Saville was misunderstood’.




The photos have since been removed from the Facebook page, though a Student’s Union officer took it upon herself to upload the images to Twitter – which has led to shock and outrage. The officer has been temporarily suspended from her position as a result. This is a questionable response from the Students’ Union.


The images were reported to the Lancaster University Student’s Union, who have subsequently launched an investigation. The Snowsports Club has been suspended pending further action.



Lancaster University meanwhile told the BBC it is supporting the Students’ Union investigation.


The pictures have caused outrage.


To say these messages are unacceptable and insensitive would be putting it lightly. Many hope this behaviour is dealt with in an appropriate manner.




This is a very disappointing sight. Lancaster University has a deserved reputation for attracting bright students. In this case however, that notion can certainly be deemed incorrect.





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