Students Who Rejected the University of Oxford: Where Did They End Up?


The University of Oxford is one of the world’s most prestigious institutions – attracting some of the most exceptional candidates to apply. For many, attending Oxford is something to strive for. However, not everyone who receives an offer from Oxford chooses to accept their place. The UCAS system works in a way that means students set a ‘firm’ and ‘insurance’ choice after receiving offers. In this article, we look at the Universities that others choose to go to instead of Oxford.


Some people prefer attending alternative Universities!

The information and statistics used within article comes courtesy of a Freedom of Information request. Moreover, the statistic refer to Undergraduate offer holders in the 2017-18 academic year. All students who received an offer were eligible to attend the University of Oxford. Any student who opted not to ‘firm’ up Oxford as their first choice are considered to have rejected the University of Oxford for the purposes of this article.




Ten Universities were listed, with half of them situated in London. Newcastle University, the University of Leeds and Durham University all made up the northern contingent. These three Universities are all elite institutions, but are all normally more used to serving as an insurance choice to Oxford, as opposed to being preferred. This is an impressive result for these Universities – which continue to attract high-calibre individuals.


As for the London-based Universities, it is unsurprising to see Imperial College, London School of Economics and University College London listed. These again are three very good Universities, which frequent high places in many academic league tables. King’s College London and Goldsmiths’ University were two other Universities in the top ten.


The University of Leeds was a particularly popular choice


The final two Universities that were preferred to Oxford in some cases were the University of Birmingham and the University of Exeter. Again, these are respected Universities.




So, some interesting information in this article! Choosing a University is a difficult decision to make. Many dream of attending the University of Oxford, but as this article shows, it isn’t for everyone. Hopefully, in reflection, every person within these statistics were happy with their choice!





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