10 Things That Will Happen When You Go Home For Christmas

So, one term is down at University, and it is time to pack up and head home for the winter vacation period. A few weeks of stuffing your face with food lies ahead, along with the usual Christmas fun. Then there is also the guilt of not revising, and furthermore, the awkwardness when bumping into old associates. In this article, we take a look at ten things that will definitely happen when you return home for Christmas. Enjoy!


No. 1: You Realise You Forgot Something


You have been out of the flat for a matter of minutes, but as you hit the motorway, you suddenly realise you forgot something…


No. 2: You Get Impressed at the Decorations at Home

welcome to our home print brown wooden wall decor

But as you make it home, you quickly forget about whatever that item was. You forget, because you are instantly impressed at the Christmas decorations at home. Yes you had some at University, but they didn’t quite match up to this…


No. 3: You Prepare Yourself for the Inevitable Question…


With Christmas associated with seeing family members, you try and rehearse answers to the inevitable questions you will get hit with. The classic, of course, being “what will you do after University?” A question no one likes to answer…



No. 4: You Slip Back into Old Habits


It feels as if you have been away from home for months. Yet this doesn’t seem to affect you, as you quickly return to your old ways. You argue with your parents, siblings, heck, even the pet goldfish.


No. 5: You go out and get Reminded of Why You Left in the First Place


After a few days at home, it is time to venture out into the big wide world. But two minutes after going out into your town, you remember exactly why you left in the first place. You wonder – how did I live here for so long?




No. 6: Indulge in Food

Food eat.png

After having to pay for everything for weeks, you take full advantage of not needing to pay any longer. At every opportunity you stuff your face. Raiding the refrigerator becomes an hourly activity.


No. 7: Binge Watch Christmas Films


A classic part of Christmas – watching films. Home Alone, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street – they are all worth watching. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without them.




No. 8: You Miss Your Old Housemates


University is great for making friends. When returning home, you wonder how you managed to cope without them prior to University. You yearn to get back to them.


No. 9: You Have a Late Panic When You FINALLY Start Revising


But as University gets ever closer, you suddenly remember about the revision you were supposed to be doing. You go into panic mode as you get down to work.



No. 10: You Return and Enjoy Seeing Your Housemates Again


But eventually, the weeks pass by and you return to University. The gang will be reunited, and the fun will begin again soon!





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