People Reveal the Most Cringeworthy Times They Ran Into an Ex

Relationships – at the start everything is going well, and the world seems a happy place. But happiness is often temporary, and a break-up can be a painful experience. But for some, contact doesn’t end there, and upon running into one another, an awkward experience can ensue. Now, some people with some cringeworthy stories have taken to the popular confessions app Whisper to reveal their stories. As you will see, these range from the highly awkward to the strange, and a lot in between! Read on!



Many of the confessions included awkward confrontations


Unsurprisingly, many of the confessions included the urge to avoid and make no eye contact. One confessor told how she tried to avoid making eye contact with her ex, so she pretended to text someone… only to walk into a pole. One person told how upon running into an ex, that they both pretended to not know one another. Another confessor told how she ran into an ex on a ferry – the confined space wouldn’t have been great! As evidence of how a break-up can end any friendship, another confessor told how she was greeted by the friends of her ex-boyfriend, only for the ex to stay well clear upon seeing one another.




Parents can be a bone of contention in relationships, and judging by some confessions, it appears they can affect things after a break-up too! One confessor told how she ran into an ex-boyfriend, who at the time was with his Dad, making it difficult to engage in any conversation. Another strange meeting saw one person tell how she spoke to her ex’s Mum, who told her he was single. Yet funnily enough the former couple bumped into each other the next day, only for the revelation that the man was engaged to come to light!





An inevitable, yet awkward part of a break-up is in the months after, when one person finds a new partner. This was particularly strange for one confessor – as he ran into an ex-boyfriend, only to see he now had a girlfriend! One told how her ex-boyfriend was working with a current boyfriend – uh oh! Another told how he was working in a store on Valentine’s Day, only to see his ex shop there with her current boyfriend. Finally, one confessor mentioned how she saw her ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend looking at houses – despite the fact the ex had cheated on her…



A distant dream?





As you can see, there have been some very, very awkward encounters. Trying to remain friends after a break-up can be difficult, and it doesn’t help that in subsequent meetings that an effort is made to avoid one another! But still, you need to have the bad moments to be able to appreciate the good times. To see the full article, with additional confessions, click here.



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13 Things To Do While At The University of Hertfordshire

The University of Hertfordshire offers a great experience for its students – with a lot to do over the course of your University years. Hertfordshire is an excellent location to be a student – offering a great mix between the hustle and bustle of London and the quieter country life! As a student here, you’ll definitely have a positive experience. Yet the time will fly by, but in this guide, we pick out some of the things you could do to get the most out of your time at the University! This list ranges from things such as landmarks to see, places to travel to, and most importantly, graduation! Read on!


While the Library is a great place to study – hopefully you’ll have some leisure time!


1.  Explore Hertfordshire!


As we alluded to in the introduction, Hertfordshire offers an excellent mix between being like an extension of London, yet retaining its individual beauty. Hertfordshire is a vast county which spans many towns and cities. During your stay, venture afar and try and see other areas in Hertfordshire – you’ll be impressed.


2. Explore London!


Staying on this theme – also be sure to explore London during your stay at the University! It is so easy to get into London either for a day trip or a weekend. London is one of the most incredible cities in the world – and features an abundance of famous landmarks. But aside from the obvious spots, consider seeing one of the lesser-known markets or parks in the city.


3. Utilise the Student’s Union

The University of Hertfordshire has a great Student’s Union which is well worth engaging with. The SU offers over 100 societies – check out a full list here. There is certainly something for everyone – with the societies ranging from academic-based to hobby-based. Societies offer a great chance to make friends and socialise. The SU also runs regular campaigns to support students.


4. Enjoy the Nightlife!


The immediate area of the University offers an impressive nightlife. Whether bars, pubs or nightclubs are your thing – there will be something for you! It is well worth taking time out in the evenings to relax – you’ve earned it! Forum is a popular venue for students.


5. Learn About Different Cultures

The University of Hertfordshire has an incredible international community – with many different countries represented among both students and staff. This is certainly something well worth taking advantage of. You can learn about different cultures. Wherever possible, you should try a different cuisine – you might be positively surprised! Either way, this is always something worth doing.




6. Try Out the Sport Facilities


The University also has some great sports facilities – as a student here, you should take advantage of them. Whether you are just a casual player looking for something fun and exercise – or someone looking to compete for the University, it is certainly worth trying something! Societies are an excellent way of trying out sports. The University also competes in BUCS events.


7. Visit Verulamium Park


While you’ll have to visit nearby St. Albans to visit, Verulamium Park is without doubt one of the most picturesque locations in the entire of Hertfordshire. If you need to take some time out from your hectic schedule, this is a great place to come. The green space is open to the public, and offers many facilities on its sprawling site. The River Ver is nearby, and with an abundance of space, wildlife and plants, it is a place to visit. Especially recommended in the summer1


8. Visit Stanborough Park

Staying on the Park front, if St. Albans isn’t your thing – then consider heading to Welwyn Garden City for Stanborough Park. Another very picturesque spot – Stanborough Park offers some amazing lakes, nice walking routes and many birds too! Again, perfect for some relaxation time.


9. See St. Albans Cathedral


St. Albans Cathedral is located, as you would expect, in nearby St. Albans. It is a place of worship that has an incredible history. The building features stunning architecture and some interesting paintings. The Cathedral has the distinction of being the oldest site of continuous Christian worship in the United Kingdom.




10. Visit Hatfield House

Something a bit closer to campus is Hatfield House – one of the most iconic locations near to the University. The grand stricture is the home of the Marquess and Marchioness of Salisbury, with the house having been owned by the Cecil Family for over 400 years. While just seeing it is impressive – you can also visit between May and September each year.


11. Visit Other Parts of the United Kingdom!


The United Kingdom features some incredible cities. We’ve already covered the likes of London and other parts of Hertfordshire – but there is much, much more to see. Being so central in the United Kingdom allows you to visit other places easily! The likes of Brighton, Birmingham and Manchester can easily be reached – there is so much to choose from! Worried about the high train fares? See our guide here on 7 ways to save money on rail travel!




12. Study Hard!

While this may not be as fun as most of the suggestions in this article – this is still an important element of the University experience. Throughout your studies, make sure you attain a healthy work/life balance. This will help you produce your best work, while having fun! That dream graduate job after University is more than attainable!


13. Graduate!


The single most important part of being a student at Hertfordshire – graduation! This is where all of your hard work will pay off – ensure you get to this day! It’ll be a proud day for you and your family. Hopefully, on your way to graduation, you’ll be able to complete many of the things in your stay here! Why not consider joining me and writing about this great University and City, details can be found below!




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UniEel Experiencing: Peru

Peru is a country located in South America. The nation is known for a beautiful landscape, hosting the Machu Picchu and range of coastal areas. Peru shares borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile, with the Pacific Ocean to its west of the country. Peru enjoys a mostly warm climate – with its best weather coming between December and May. The nation is a big country. The population of the country is approximately 32,500,000. There is a lot to see and do in the country. Overall, Peru is a nation well worth visiting, helping to form this edition of ‘UniEel Experiencing’.






Nation: Peru
Continent: South America
Capital: Lima
Land Mass: 500,000 square miles
Population: 32,500,000
Religion: Roman Catholic
Language: Spanish
Currency: Sol


Peru has an interesting history. The origins of the nation can be traced all the way back to 9,000 BC. Peru would eventually be colonized by Spain following years of conflict. Peru struggled at times during their rule under Spain, but eventually managed to secure independence – declaring it in 1821. Around fifty years later, Peru were going through a tough economical time, and entered the War of the Pacific. Political stability would eventually be achieved during the early 1900s. A military coup took place in 1948. Further coups and conflicts would take place, while chronic inflation also caused issues. Economic reform would take place, though bloody battles with insurgents marred these advancements. While the battle for long-term stability goes on, the nation seems to be secure


Things to Do and See:
Peru features many different things to see! Without doubt – the most famous location is the Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is an iconic city ruin, with millions of tourists visiting year-on-year. Such is the beauty and symbolism of the location, that it is one of the New7Wonders of the World. Staying on the ruins-front – Coricancha hosts the ruins of a temple, again a popular tourist spot. Another location well-known is Sacsayhuaman – an impressive spot known for its stone walls. Moving to the green space – the Colca Canyon is great for hiking, picturesque views and bird-watching. As the name suggests, the site features a canyon. The Manu National Park also features some stunning sights. The Amazon rainforest makes up parts of Peru, and has proven popular to hike in. Finally, the Santa Catalina Monastery is a great history point, and features a traditional monastery that is popular with visitors. For more on Peruvian history – there are several museums worth visiting, including in the capital city Lima. The coastal areas of Peru are well-known for their tranquillity – especially in the warm weather!


Peru is a nation well worth visiting. As shown in this article, Peru certainly is an interesting country that offers a lot to its visitors. This short guide should provide you with key information regarding Peru, complete with ideas of things to do. Look out for more countries being analysed in our ‘Experiencing’ series. For more information on Peru, consult the UK’s Travel Advice for Peru at this link. Happy travelling!




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Cyber-Attack Statistics Revealed for University College London

University College London (UCL) have released information in a Freedom of Information request based around cyber-attacks. The information released was interesting, including the revelation that over 500 cyber-attacks were thwarted in a 15-month period. While this figure might seem high – this figure is a reflection on the world we live in – with cyber-attacks becoming an inevitable part of life in a technology-oriented world. No sensitive data was compromised during the attacks. Read on for more



Cyber-attacks have been synonymous with the digital age



A cyber attack can appear in many forms – and as seen with the range of hacks that have taken place in years gone by – can have a hugely detrimental effect on an organisation. In this case, UCL were affected by phishing attacks, spear phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, SQL injection attacks and rootkit attacks – all between the September 2016 and December 2017 period. The Freedom of Information request revealed that over 500 attacks took place in this time. This means that UCL were hit by around 3 attacks each week in this time frame.


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Phishing and spear phishing attacks are relatively simple to contain – which is useful because at least 450 phishing and spear phishing attacks took place in this time. Ransomware attacks can be more complex to combat, with UCL receiving under 25 attacks during the time frame. These took between 1 and 2 days to rectify. Under 100 SQL injection attacks were made, with this attack usually looking to expose a flaw in a system to access a database – which would obviously have major ramifications for an organisation of UCL’s size. Under 5 rootkit attacks took place in this time.



Over 200 cyber attacks have recently been thwarted at UCL





These statistics were interesting, and show the alarming nature of cyber-attacks. While some of these attacks are easy to contain, others can have more of a negative effect on an organisation. Fortunately, it appears UCL have strong provisions in place that ensure attacks are contained. Keeping sensitive data private is of paramount importance to Universities.



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Mental Health Statistics for Students at the University of Oxford Revealed

Statistics pertinent to mental health have been released by the University of Oxford as part of a Freedom of Information request. The headline findings are that the number of students seeking counselling has been rising over the past few years, with anxiety and depression the leading factors, while the University has spent over £1M on counselling in each of the last three years. Mental health problems have been a growing concern on campuses across the United Kingdom, with a crisis developing. Read on for the full story.



The statistics released are pertinent to the University of Oxford



As mentioned, these statistics were released due to a freedom of information request. 1,372 undergraduate students used the University’s Counselling service in the 2016-17 academic year. While it should be noted that not every problem tackled was mental health-related, the majority were. In the 2015-16 academic year, 1,313 students used the counselling service. Again, this rose on the 2014-15 academic year figure – 1,214. Clearly, it is a stressful time to be an Undergraduate student in general, but especially for Oxford students, considering the workload.


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So what were the issues tackled at these counselling sessions? The Association of University and College Counselling (AUCC) uses fifteen categories to define the problem. The statistics shown below cover three academic years – as shown by the header. Please note these statistics relate to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Category2014/15 Cases2015/16 Cases2016/17 Cases
Addictive Behaviour11913
Depression, Anger & Mood Change or Disorder357432371
Other Mental Health Conditions604859
Physical Health405157
Eating Disorders626257
Self & Identity219243256
Sexual Issues81010
Welfare & Employment435
Self Harm443946


As you see, the vast majority of the categories have seen the number of students requiring help rise in the last few years. Anxiety has particularly increased. These worrying statistics clearly show the issues facing students. Pressure in the job market, mounting student debt and academic concerns are all problems that face students in the contemporary age. It is worth noting in relation to the table that students can sometimes report more than one issue – but only one has been considered in this table.



Mental health is a big issue on University campuses





Overall, there are some worrying statistics. Students all over the United Kingdom are struggling with mental health concerns, and it clearly affects some of the brightest young minds – students at Oxford. The University has spent over £1,000,000 in each of the last three years in running counselling services. It appears that the University has strong provisions to deal with any issues, which is positive.



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How Many Manchester Met Students Have Been Expelled Since 2010?

Have you ever wondered about how many students get expelled from Manchester Metropolitan University?! Getting expelled from University is certainly not something that anyone wants to do. And the fact that a University stands to secure £9,000 each year from any student – it has to be a serious offence. Now, courtesy of a Freedom of Information request, information has been released pertaining to statistics regarding expulsion at Manchester Metropolitan University. Read on for more!


These statistics relate to Manchester Metropolitan University


The following statistics relate from the 2010/11 academic year to the 2014/15 academic year. As you will see, in that time, thirteen students were expelled from the University. For the reasons, check out the next paragraph. Here is the breakdown of the expulsions year-by-year!


2010/11 – 3
2011/12 – 2
2012/13 – 2
2013/14 – 4
2014/15 – 2


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So thirteen students were expelled in a five year period. Eleven of the thirteen students were male, with two being female. Some of the reasons for expulsion were provided as part of the information. These include ‘the result of a professional suitability hearing’, ‘inappropriate use of IT facilities’, ‘imprisonment’, ‘criminal charges’, ‘assault’, ‘fraudulent certificates’ and ‘falsification of grades’. As you can see there are a range of ways to be expelled from University – and some quite complex ways too.



The students in question wouldn’t have been able to graduate





So, some interesting statistics. The lesson to learn from this is that there are many ways of being expelled. So make sure you behave well, use the IT facilities sensibly, don’t get imprisoned, don’t assault anyone, and don’t falsify your grades! But in general, these are very low numbers, showing that in general, Manchester Metropolitan students appear to behave well!



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