Cardiff University




Cardiff University is a University located in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. The University was actually founded in 1883, but it took until 2005 to become an independent University. The University currently has approximately 31,000 students enrolled. The University consists of three colleges. The motto of the University translates into English as ‘Truth, Unity and Concord’. The University generally receives respectable positions in academic league tables.



UniEel 2019 Rankings: 31st/70

Complete University Guide 2019: 33rd/131

The Guardian Rankings 2019: 58th/121

QS UK Rankings 2019: 23rd/76



Total Students: 31,000

Male/Female Split: 39/61

UK/EUR/INT Split: 76/5/19

Graduate Prospects: 79%

Student/Staff Ratio: 13:5

Student Satisfaction Rate: 80%



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