Mysterious Disappearances: Leah Roberts

In March 2000, a wrecked vehicle was found at the bottom of an embankment in the state of Washington, USA. No one was inside, however the car was traced to a 23-year old woman named Leah Roberts. Roberts had left her home in North Carolina nine days earlier. No trace of Roberts has ever been found – leading to a myriad of theories being developed. … Continue reading Mysterious Disappearances: Leah Roberts

Mysterious Disappearances: Amelia Earhart

The name of Amelia Earhart is well-known for a variety of reasons. A pioneer of the aviation industry, Earhart was the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, before going on to set a slew of other records in a distinguished career. Earhart was known across the United States for her achievements. She was attempting to complete a treacherous journey around the world … Continue reading Mysterious Disappearances: Amelia Earhart

What Happened to Woolworths?

#16: WOOLWORTHS Woolworths was for many years one of Britain’s most popular stores, welcoming millions of customers year-on-year. Woolworths was renowned for its pick’n’mix, toys, their value range and children’s clothing. After almost 100 years of success, Woolworths ultimately closed, preceding the eventual collapse of the business. The collapse had a profound effect in the United Kingdom, with 807 store closures resulting in 27,000 job … Continue reading What Happened to Woolworths?

What Happened to WorldCom?

#7: WORLDCOM WorldCom was an American telecommunications business, which is renowned for its collapse in the early 2000’s – mainly due to an accounting scandal which remains steeped in infamy. Prior to its collapse, WorldCom was one of the biggest communications companies in the United States. In this article, we take a look at their history, the notorious accounting scandal, and what eventually came of … Continue reading What Happened to WorldCom?

Is Social Media a Good Thing? Arguments For and Against

Social media has had a profound effect on society in the last few years, with entities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat all becoming ingrained in our day-to-day lives. Whether or not their impact has been a positive thing remains to be debated. While there are no doubting the positives, there are certainly some negatives too. In this article, we look at both sides of … Continue reading Is Social Media a Good Thing? Arguments For and Against

What Happened to Arthur Andersen?

#10: ARTHUR ANDERSEN One of the most notorious names in accounting is ‘Arthur Andersen’ – with the organisation famed for their remarkable collapse. In the process, they instantly became the go-to case study for those aiming to show evidence of a correlation between criminal accounting and an inevitable demise. Yet for a considerable time, Arthur Andersen were one of the most venerable firms in America … Continue reading What Happened to Arthur Andersen?

Overseas Drone Strikes: The Debate – Arguments Both For and Against

It has been common practice for a number of years for some countries to use unmanned aerial vehicles – better known as drones, in order to attack enemy combatants. Drones are remotely-controlled aircraft’s, normally armed with missiles or bombs. The United States are known for prominently using drone strikes, and have struck hundreds of targets in the likes of Pakistan and Yemen. While many have … Continue reading Overseas Drone Strikes: The Debate – Arguments Both For and Against

Mysterious Disappearances: Felix Moncla

In 1953, a mysterious aviation disappearance took place – with First Lieutenant Felix Moncla vanishing while attempting an interception. Moncla simply appeared to vanish after merging on the radar with the object he had been tracking. There has been no trace of Moncla ever since, with his aircraft’s fate too unknown. Inconsistencies in case reports have given rise to several questions regarding Moncla’s fate. This … Continue reading Mysterious Disappearances: Felix Moncla

What Happened to Pan American World Airways?

#5: PAN AMERICAN WORLD AIRWAYS Pan American World Airways, colloquially referred to as simply ‘Pan Am’, was an airliines that prior to its collapse was the largest in the United States. Pan Am were renowned for their innovation and subsequent contributions, which have helped shape the modern day aviation industry. Pan Am were one of the most iconic airlines around the world, but a series … Continue reading What Happened to Pan American World Airways?

MV Joyita: Information and Theories Behind The Unsolved Disappearance

The mysterious disappearance of the crew of MV Joyita is one of the most well-known and thought provoking disappearances in history. MV Joyita was a merchant vessel which was holding 25 people at the time of its disappearance. It was found adrift in the South Pacific with no one on board. While the ship was damaged, investigators concluded that the chances of the ship sinking … Continue reading MV Joyita: Information and Theories Behind The Unsolved Disappearance

The Euthanasia Debate: Arguments Both For and Against

The practice of Euthanasia is a controversial topic, provoking strong opinions regarding the moral, ethical and legal issues surrounding the practice. Euthanasia is the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering, and often applies to a terminally ill patient. While some suggest humans have a right to due and to die with dignity, others disagree, pointing to multiple factors to back … Continue reading The Euthanasia Debate: Arguments Both For and Against

What Happened to Kodak?

#8: KODAK While the days of bankruptcy may be over for the American technology giant Kodak, it seems a long time ago that they dominated various markets. The story of Kodak’s fall from grace has become the classic go-to case study to evidence the perils of not adjusting to technological advancements. Yet Kodak have managed to battle back since. In this article, we chart the … Continue reading What Happened to Kodak?

Mysterious Disappearances: Louis Le Prince

Louis Le Prince is well-known for being a key component in the invention of the early motion picture camera – with many praising him as the ‘Father of Cinematography’. Yet not so many people are aware of his later years, and seemingly only Le Prince knows what ultimately happened. This is because Le Prince mysteriously vanished from a train in 1890, and he was never … Continue reading Mysterious Disappearances: Louis Le Prince

What Happened to Enron?

#2: ENRON CORPORATION The story of the Enron Corporation has become one of infamy, and the ultimate example of how fraudulent and corrupt business practices can ruin even the most powerful of organisations. Prior to their well-reported scandal, Enron had dominated the energy market in the US and afar, securing revenues of $101bn during 2000. Yet just a year later, Enron were filing for bankruptcy. … Continue reading What Happened to Enron?