The Death Penalty Debate: Arguments For and Against Capital Punishment

The debate around the Death Penalty has been argued many times over, with the practice continuing to divide opinion. Many nations continue to employ the practice, while many oppose it, with many charitable organisations fighting against it. The death penalty is officially known as Capital Punishment. Capital Punishment is legal in many countries, while several others have outlawed it. In this article, we take a … Continue reading The Death Penalty Debate: Arguments For and Against Capital Punishment

What Happened to Orkut?

#17: ORKUT Orkut was once a social networking site that was owned and operated by Google – with the vision for the site to rival the success of the likes of Facebook and Myspace. Like many other social networks, Orkut was designed to help users meet new friends, while providing a platform to allow users to maintain existing relationships. The site was named after its … Continue reading What Happened to Orkut?

Mysterious Disappearances: Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson was an American man who had an eventful career in both the military and silk industries. His efforts in both made him well-renowned, with Time magazine suggesting Thompson ‘almost single-handedly’ saved Thailand’s silk industry from extinction. Yet in 1967, he went for a walk in Malaysia, only to never return. His mysterious disappearance has never been solved, leading to many theories regarding his … Continue reading Mysterious Disappearances: Jim Thompson

What Happened to Silk Road?

#18: SILK ROAD MARKETPLACE Silk Road was the infamous marketplace that oversaw the sale of millions of illicit drugs on the dark web. Its operators subsequently amassed an enormous fortune. Yet their site wouldn’t last forever, with the FBI eventually able to shut the site down. Silk Road gained notoriety for being the dark web’s first online marketplace, and for being dramatised in the film … Continue reading What Happened to Silk Road?

Animal Testing: Arguments For and Against

Animal Testing refers to the practice of using non-human animals in experiments outside of their natural environment – with the ultimate aim of using this research to facilitate advancements in medicine. Research on animals is conducted by a range of organisations, and has led to many cures and vaccines for diseases being developed. Yet despite the good, the practice has proven very controversial, and many … Continue reading Animal Testing: Arguments For and Against

What Happened to Borders?

#14: BORDERS Borders was once an international book and music retailer. At their height, Borders operated over 1,000 stores in the world, with thousands of employees. While the majority of their business was conducted in the United States, their international presence was exemplified by their stores in the likes of the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. For numerous reasons however, Borders were unable to … Continue reading What Happened to Borders?

Mysterious Disappearances: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

In March 2014, one of the most mysterious disappearances in history took place, with many questions left unanswered regarding the fateful day, several years on. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was en route to China from Malaysia when it disappeared, with all 239 people on board presumed dead. Many years on, it is still unclear exactly what happened to the flight, despite the most expensive search … Continue reading Mysterious Disappearances: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

What Happened to Blockbuster?

#9: BLOCKBUSTER Netflix, Prime Video and the likes of Hulu and Philo have become synonymous with the activity of watching TV shows or films. Yet prior to this age, Blockbuster ruled the TV and film roost. At their height, Blockbuster operated 9,000 stores, employed 84,000 people worldwide, and generated healthy revenues year-after-year. But, due to a range of reasons, they were unable to maintain this … Continue reading What Happened to Blockbuster?

The Abortion Debate: Arguments for Both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice

One of the world’s most polarising debates revolves around the moral, religious and legal status of Abortion. There are two distinct views on the subject. The pro-life movement emphasises the right for the embryo/fetus to be born, while the pro-choice movement emphasises the woman’s right to decide whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. This is a highly-sensitive debate, which has been fervently debated for … Continue reading The Abortion Debate: Arguments for Both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice

DELL: The Story of a Truly Incredible Company

Dell is an American multinational company that is well-known around the world for its range of computer-related products and services. Founded by Michael Dell in 1984, the business continues to prosper in the contemporary age. However, it hasn’t been a straight-line to success, and part of Dell’s storied history revolves around their ability to bounce back from and overcome various challenges. In this article, we … Continue reading DELL: The Story of a Truly Incredible Company

What Happened to MSN Messenger?

#6: MSN MESSENGER MSN Messenger was the heartbeat of many people’s youth and social life – and was a pioneering messaging service in the early years of the internet. Developed by Microsoft and released in 1999, the service allowed users to instantly message one another. The service quickly became hugely popular, attracting hundreds of millions of users. Yet for various reasons, MSN Messenger is no … Continue reading What Happened to MSN Messenger?

What Happened to

#15: SIX DEGREES Social media has come a long way within the past two decades, with the likes of Instagram and Twitter dominating the current social media sphere. But this hasn’t always been the case, and, just before the turn of the millennium, was the name of a highly popular social network. Sixdegrees was one of the first social networking sites, and would serve … Continue reading What Happened to

The Lindsay Sandiford Debate

Lindsay Sandiford is a former legal secretary who is currently on death row in Indonesia. In 2013 she was sentenced to death after allegedly trying to smuggle £1.6million worth of cocaine into Indonesia – a nation renowned for its staunch stance on drugs. Sandiford claims she was coerced into carrying the drugs, doing so to protect her family. Many have called on the British Government … Continue reading The Lindsay Sandiford Debate

What Happened to Lehman Brothers?

#1: LEHMAN BROTHERS The Global Financial Crisis in 2009 had a profound effect on the world, with consequences lasting for years. One of the main causes of this global crisis was the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Lehman Brothers was a global financial services firm who dealt with multiple facets of banking. After succeeding for over 150 years, the company dramatically filed for bankruptcy in 2008. … Continue reading What Happened to Lehman Brothers?