Warwick in Top Three for Sought-After Graduates for Employers

A review has revealed that the University of Warwick has placed in the top three in Universities in the United Kingdom for the number of graduates being targeted by ‘top employers’. This comes as great news for students at Warwick, who can take considerable confidence from this result – with top companies clearly interested in the output of this University! The review came from the highly-respected High Fliers Research – you can visit their website here. Read on for the full story of this great news!


Good news for students at the University!


The review – entitled ‘The Graduate Market in 2018, was produced by High Fliers Research (click here to see the full report). They used data from a wide array of sources to come up with their top ten Universities in terms of the most sought-after graduates from top employers. Top employers include PwC, HSBC, BP, Unilever and the NHS. These employers typically have graduate schemes that are hugely popular and competitive. In good news, Warwick placed 3rd in the table – testament to the strong reputation of our University.


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In terms of others in the top ten, it was the University of Manchester that topped the table. The University of Birmingham came home 2nd, with as mentioned Warwick completing the podium positions. UCL and the University of Leeds were among the others in the top ten. Unsurprisingly, the University of Cambridge and Oxford University finished in the top ten, placing 6th and 9th respectively. It is somewhat surprising that neither topped the list, given their reputation.




This is some great news for all of the students at Warwick! The fact that top employers are actively recruiting Warwick students is very motivating! It is also impressive that Warwick finished above both Oxford and Cambridge in this table – certainly no mean feat. It is clearly worth keeping up the hard work, with the graduate job of your dreams seemingly reachable! For any guidance for your time at University, our advice articles are here.



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New McDonald’s Coming to Warwick?!

In some good news for McDonald’s fans, a new fast-food restaurant could soon be coming to Warwick. Plans have been submitted which would result in a new McDonald’s, complete with a Drive-Thru, to be built in Warwick. This is good news for students at Warwick University, and the wider community, with McDonald’s continuing to be one of the United Kingdom’s favourite restaurants. Read on for details, including the planned location for the potential new branch and further details.


Good news for food fans [file photo]

The plans submitted show that McDonald’s hope to build a 24-hour restaurant, utilising some of the space of the Tesco superstore on Emscote Road. Specifically, some of the car parking area of Tesco would be used by McDonald’s, with 31 parking spaces also being added. McDonald’s have also said that 65 jobs will be created by these proposals. However, the proposals are subject to planning permission. Unfortunately for fast-food fans, there has been some opposition in the local area.


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Objections are mainly concerned with rubbish and traffic levels. It is common for takeaway outlets to have large amounts of rubbish left in the area by customers, with this creating a dirty looking environment. Others suggest it will cause worse traffic on Emscote Road – which is already known for being a busy road. Some concerns have been raised about the Tesco superstore losing some of its car parking spaces. Finally, takeaways in the area could lose out if the behemoth that is McDonald’s takes up residence in the area.



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Some residents however feel this is long overdue – with McDonald’s only having a limited presence in the area. The nearest outlet is in nearby Leamington – an unrealistic location for several people to reach. The Tesco superstore is also built on a large plot of land, which could make it realistic for the area to host a McDonald’s outlet. With the plans submitted, it is now a matter of waiting and seeing what happens.




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Warwick Staff Member Cleared Following Racial Allegations

An investigation into alleged racist behaviour by a member of staff at the University of Warwick has cleared the individual involved. The staff member allegedly said that ‘black people disadvantage themselves’, when talking about job applications. A complaint was made, leading to the case being investigated by the University. The case began back in October, when a student took to Twitter to complain about the incident. See below for the original Tweets. Read on for the full story.



The original event happened in a seminar, where the student claimed that the staff member said that black candidates handed in their applications later than white candidates. She went on to say that black people were ‘generally laid back’. These statements drew the ire of one student, who took to Twitter in response. The incident gained attention on Twitter, with many responding to the original Tweet in solidarity. The University responded, deciding to conduct an investigation after a complaint was made.


The investigation has recently finished, having found that while the staff member had shown ‘poor judgement’, she hadn’t been ‘intentionally racist’ in her dealings. Looking back on the case, the staff member certainly shouldn’t have made such generalisations. It was unfortunate, but it appears that she didn’t mean to be racist. The case now appears to be closed, following this unfortunate process.


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Universities are certainly places where people should be free to exercise and argue any opinion they want. But sometimes these opinions can go too far and cause offence, as seen in this case. While freedom of speech is a crucial doctrine, there is a limit to what can be said. While the staff member here wasn’t intentionally being racist, offence was taken – the case now appears to be closed.



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Coventry Named UK’s City of Culture for 2021

It appears to be as good a time as any to be a student in Coventry – as the city has claimed the much-coveted title of the United Kingdom’s city of culture for 2021. A year of ‘cultural celebration’ is planned for the year. While Coventry may not have the best reputation outside of the city, for those inside, including student’s – this award comes as very little surprise! The countdown until 2021 begins, and for current student’s, by then they might just be working in the city!


Coventry has a lot to offer!


Coventry beat off some illustrious competition to claim the crown – with Swansea, Paisley, Stoke-on-Trent and Sunderland all in the running to win. The award is handed out once every four years – with Hull being the current incumbent. Hull has been a worthy winner of the award, and is experiencing a boost from the award. Coventry, like Hull, doesn’t boast the proudest reputation, yet this could be a turning point for the city!


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So what culture is involved? Coventry boasts a wealth of culture, mainly with museums. The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum is a well-known sight, while the Warwick Arts Centre is a firm favourite with the public. The Belgrade Theatre is well-known across the United Kingdom too. And with Coventry boasting city status – there is of course the customary cathedral – with this one of the most picturesque sights the city has to offer.





So what an excellent time to be connected to Coventry. As mentioned earlier, Hull has been boosted significantly, and it appears as if Coventry can follow suit. Good times are surely ahead – and congratulations to all those that contributed to the bid. Go Coventry!





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Revealed: How Much Did Warwick Uni Students Spend on Library Fines?

Figures obtained by UniEel have shown that Warwick University students spent heavily on library fines in the 2016-17 academic year. Students spent a total of £55,903! This figure is well above the average seen across a study of 64 institutions. To put this figure into perspective, this yielded a spend of approximately £2.24 per student! This figure purely relates to overdue items too – other fines such as those related to lost/damaged resources, haven’t been included.


The University has been collecting many fines!


This amount will come as a disappointment for students. While Warwick does offer a superb student experience, this additional cost can be frustrating! It should also be noted the University library makes a substantial profit on areas such as printing – something that isn’t included in tuition fees, unexpectedly. Students are urged to return items before their due date, which can help to lower the figure witnessed for the 2016-2017 academic year. The University did note that all income from these fines is reinvested into the library.





It is worth reminding again that this figure didn’t take into account other costs, mentioned earlier, like lost or damaged resources. All this after student’s pay £9,000 a year. While it can be both annoying and unfair when someone doesn’t return their book in time, it could be argued a lower fine is fairer on students. This figure could prompt discussion regarding the fairness of library fines. At least our library won’t be going anywhere anytime soon…


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