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The terms set out on this page regulate the relationship between UniEel Limited (“UE”, “our”, “us” or “we”) and you, the visitor, when interacting with our website http://www.unieel.com. This website is operated by UniEel Limited, a company incorporated in England. Before using and interacting with the website, we encourage you to carefully read these Terms of Use. This is a legally binding agreement, which helps set out the relationship between UniEel and you. By accessing/using our website, you are therefore agreeing to adhere to our Terms of Use. If you disagree with these terms, we urge you not to use our website.


  1. Accessing http://www.unieel.com
    1. By accessing this website, you confirm that you are agreeing with the Terms of Use set out
  2. Content
    1. We are the owner of all Intellectual Property Rights on our website. The Intellectual Property Rights on our website are protected by various laws and regulations around the world. All rights are reserved.
    2. No content may be reproduced/copied onto an external website.
    3. Users are permitted to print one copy of a webpage, unaltered. For queries relating to bulk printing, please contact us.
    4. Our website should be quoted and linked to when you are using an site content.
    5. No pictures/graphs/extracts are to be used without our permission.
  3. Information on our website
    1. Every effort is made to produce factual information, however, we cannot unreservedly ensure everything we report is correct. Any Clarifications are posted here.
    2. Any opinions/advice given is purely the thoughts of the author, and shouldn’t be presumed to be the thoughts of UniEel Limited.
    3. While efforts are made to consistently update all articles, some content could be out of date at any given time. There is no obligation to update site content.
    4. If you spot something wrong on our website, we encourage you to contact us, information can be found here.
  4. Contributors
    1. When contributing to our website, you agree to:
      1. Write factually.
      2. Provide fair opinions.
    2. You are also required to avoid:
      1. Writing defamatory or libellous material.
      2. Engaging in a personal vendetta against someone or an organisation.
      3. Writing about sexually explicit themes.
      4. Containing hateful or discriminatory content.
      5. Trying to incite violence or unlawful actions.
      6. Promoting illegal activities.
      7. Infringing on any intellectual property rights, or copyright.
    3. We reserve the right to terminate any contributor from their position.
  5. Liability
    1. We are not responsible for any criminal actions taken relating to content on our website. This includes personal injuries, fraud and misrepresentation.
    2. We use stringent measures to try and protect this website from any cyber attacks. However, we are unable to protect any user who accesses compromised areas of our website.
    3. You therefore use this site at your own risk, and accept liability for any detrimental consequence arising from your use of our website.
  6. External Websites
    1. This website utilises various forms of advertising. When clicking on an advertising image or link, you are accessing an external website, for which we aren’t responsible for.
    2. Some of our articles will include links to external news sites. We aren’t responsible for their terms of use.
  7. Sponsored Posts
    1. When submitting a sponsored article, you are confirming that you are the authorised licensee or owner of the content, and that you have the necessary rights to submit the content.
    2. You have sought permission of any third party that holds the rights to any of your content.
    3. In the event unieel.com stops functioning, the sponsored article can no longer be supported.
    4. UNIEEL Limited reserves the right to remove any article that breaches the terms and conditions of this agreement.
    1. Some of our articles encourage users to comment. When commenting, you agree to not engage in any libellous, threatening or hateful speech.
    2. We are not responsible for moderating every comment.
  9. Offences
    1. When accessing our website, you agree not to misuse or attempt to engage in any nefarious activity. This includes attempting unauthorised access, introduce harmful code, or attempt a denial of service or distributed denial of service attack.
    2. Please note that failure to comply with this area means you would be in breach of the Computer Misuse Act of 1990. In line with our rights, we will report any misuse to the germane authorities.
  10. Privacy Policy & Cookies
    1. You can access our privacy policy and statement on cookies here.
  11. Jurisdiction
    1. English Law dictates that English Law will have jurisdiction over any claim emanating from a visit to our website.
    2. We reserve the right to engage in legal proceedings against any user of our website who uses our website in an unlawful way. This includes engaging in proceedings in any country.
  12. Statement on Terms of Use Changes
    1. We reserve the right to update or change these Terms of Use at any time. You are advised to occasionally access our Terms and review any recent changes.
  13. Closing Statements
    1. These Terms of Use relate to the relationship between UniEel Limited and you, the user. These Terms only apply to this website.
    2. All headings used in our Terms of Use have no legal meaning.
    3. These Terms of Use set out the relationship and agreement between UniEel Limited and you, the user.
      1. You also agree that no one has coerced you into accepting these terms, and that you do so on your own accord.
  14. Queries
    1. For any queries relating to anything you have read here, please contact us.